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Rounded Block

A product with infinite applications for both construction and external decor. Of great precision and effect, Rounded Block is ideal for finishing and decorating walls, balconies and windowsillis and even an alternative for visible face construction. They are indispensable in external walk such as bordering flowerbeds, walkways, marking paths, traffics walkways, marking paths, traffic circleperimeters and any type of borders.

Black Water Collection

Through precise cutting and modular dimensions, Cave Riunite’s techicians have succeded in creating a valuable and valid tool, In fact it lends itself to a wide variety of uses (rainwater run-off channels in gardens parks, large paved areas) and it is an irreplaceable element in urban pavements, piazzas, thrust walls, containment walls and streets, In addition to its use in new constructions it is in high demand for restoration and maintenance work.

Rounded Coverstone

A product designed to satisfy the most demanding design and production requirements for the completion of natural structures in Fiorditufo. Its best application is in finishing walls, terraces and roofs, but it is also used in public spaces such as squares, traffic circles and monuments.

Slab Uncertain Work

Slabs with deliberately irregular shapes and always uniform thicknesses for better faster installations, They lend themselves to unique, very personal designs and projects that break from the “usual”. They fit any setting, whether natural, ancient or both, exhibiting a genuine “handmade” character. For this reason they find wide application in restoration and conservation projects too.

Side Block Taurus

An extremely versatile product suitable to meet the most disparate needs, It is very popular for edging flowerbeds, traffic circles, walkways, streets and squares in historic districts. Moreover, its uniform circular cut makes it perfect for finishing boundary walls, terraces and windowsillis or to liven up the flat linearity of load-bearing walls

Special Articles

1511Srounded blockyellow37x15x11
2713Ccopertina cesareyellow37x30x13
3713Lblack water collectionyellow37x37x13
3713Srounded coverstoneyellow37x37x13
CS25rounded blockyellow37x25x11
IPslab uncertain workyellowthickness 2,7/6/11
TORO 25side block taurus 25yellow37x25x11
TORO 29side block taurus 29yellow37x29x11