The sound proofing

The attention to quality of the buildings, then the welfare conservation of those who live there, is more and more guaranteed even with the law. A typical value of this well-being, in particular, is take care about the protection of the living spaces by loud or excessive noises. This property is guaranteed by the sound absorption of the walls.
Even in this case there is little to invent: all along nature has proceeded to offer materials like Fiorditufo, which, for its morphological characteristics, provides acoustic protection levels absolutely effective and decisive.
In Fiorditufo, in fact, the presence of vacuoles and air bubbles distributed profusely within a solid “deaf” structure, because it consists of ashes, lapilli, pumice and similar materials, ensures a damping of sound waves characterized by a sound absorption of 55dB at 500hz..
A very important value if one consider that in the framework law n° 447/1995 on noise pollution and in the related Prime Ministerial Decree D.P.C.M. 05.12.1997 son the determination of the buildings passive safety requirements, it is requested a sound-deadening currently not less than 50dB, and 55dB only for buildings used for hotels, pensions, clinics, hospitals, and similar activities. This last value can be overcome even with a wall plastering 25cm thick.
The sound-absorbing properties of Fiorditufo develop their beneficial effects even when the blocks are used for the creation of coatings, even if facing brick. In this processing are added the thermal insulation, acoustic, aesthetic and maximum economy performances.