The masonry compositions and rustication: interlaced design and covering

A skilled use of Fiorditufo blocks and, in particular Block Standard, alone or with other Cave Riunite products or even with different elements, allows the construction of bearing walls “facing brick”, which often are out-and-out works of art both for the compositional imagination and the fineness of the process. Using appropriately the various shapes and sizes of the blocks, can be realized walls of different thickness.
The compositions now represented and others that the imagination can suggest can be usefully adopted for cladding walls, replacing appropriately Block Standard and the other with those reported above can be used to make wallboard to 11cm thick. A similar thing can be said for coatings of various works and old and new concrete walls in which are good use regular shape blocks or also at opus incertum 6 cm thick.

Some of the compositions and rustication for walls:

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